Loan Customization

When pursuing a mortgage for your home there are a number of factors that go into the interest rate and the monthly payment. Our mission is to take into consideration all the elements that impact you financially and then shape the loan to fit you and your requirements minimizing the loan costs, the monthly payments and maximizing your capacity to borrow what you need.

This is not something you can achieve with every mortgage originator. Many do not have the flexibility to shape the loan to your needs. Most mortgage sources have fixed loans with fixed terms and requirements prohibiting them from actually customizing the mortgage to fit you financially.

No two borrowers are the same and therefore the loan creation needs to be unique to fit each borrower in order to provide the most money at the least cost. Your income, your credit scores, your down payment, your available income for mortgage payments, the cost of the home you plan on purchasing, and the expenses to support the home, all need to be carefully considered when building your loan. Once all these elements are determined, we use the very best lender for your particular needs providing the very best mortgage possible for you.

We do this very well. We help many clients with their credit scores and credit reports. With some adjustments to the credit report it can impact both the interest rate on the loan and the amount available. This is all part of how we customize the loan to fit your needs. Give us a call and let us tell you more about why we believe we are the best resource in California for a home mortgage whether refinancing or purchasing a new home.

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