Why California First Time Home Buyers Love Us!

You want to be sure, very sure, you can afford the home you are buying, taking into consideration all costs and then you want to have the very best mortgage resource possible to help you through the entire loan process and to save you money throughout the entire home buying process.

We welcome you to compare our rates and reputation with any other mortgage resource in California.

Four Truths:

  1. Our rates are extremely competitive and tough to beat
  2. We are #1 in California when it comes to personal service in the home loan industry
  3. Our process is fast and professional
  4. We custom build your loan to fit your needs and save you money

We are the best at what we do because we care and because we treat every loan as if it was our own personal loan. And should there be some issues to overcome; our team is the best at working for you and making magic happen. We are dedicated to getting you into your home at the lowest possible cost with the least possible hassle.

Our service is the best in California. We respond quickly and we keep you informed as we move through the process from pre-qualification to final funding. We are exceptional at what we do and this is why we have return clients, entire families using our services, business managers referring their clients to us, accountants referring their clients to us and many many realtors referring their home buyers to us.

Different than a major lender where the loan types and credit approval all come from one central source and where selling the loan is the only focus of the person with whom you will deal, we have a large list of loan types and mortgage underwriters with different credit approval systems. Our focus is in finding a underwriter who can shape their loan to fit your needs including your down payment, your credit standing and your work history. Our vast experience, for more than a decade and our devoted staff, bring you a level of professionalism hard to find in the home mortgage business.

We enjoy repeat business from home buyers, referral business from family members of home buyers, as well as referrals from business managers, lawyers, accountants and investment advisors who send their clients to us because they know we deliver and all we do is done with a level of professionalism and care impossible to find in the home lending business today.

Get started now and let us help you have the best home financing experience imaginable.

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