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Lee and His Team Are Really Good For Your Business. Today, more than ever, a real estate agent needs the best professionals possible to make the home buying process run smoothly. The appraiser, the title company, the insurance company, the lender and their representatives need to be top notch so everyone involved can have a pleasant and professional experience.

Lee and his team keeps the agent and the client appraised of the status of the loan throughout the process providing comfort to all parties involved.

As loans have gotten more difficult, as the rules have changed and lenders attitudes have changed Lee and his team have become more important than ever to the real estate broker and home buyer.

For more than a decade Lee has developed a group of funding resources that makes it possible for he and his team to manage very difficult and challenging loans as well as making it possible to deliver very low and extremely competitive rates. Lee believes their rates cannot be bettered by any lender and he believes their service is the best in California.

What proves this to be so is the amount of repeat business Lee gets from real estate agents, home buyers, business managers, accountants and lawyers all who recommend Lee to their clients year after year. He has the entire family using him for their home financing, parents, and children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles all come to Lee because of the treatment, rate and service their family members experienced with Lee and his team.

You can see looking at just some of the testimonials and see just how happy people are with their relationship with Lee and his team. Get to know Lee, give him a call or email him and let him show you why he can be good for your business.

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